South Dade Automotive

​Dear valued South Dade Automotive Customer;

SDA has been a family owned company for 25 years and the reason for our success has been our loyal customers and employees. For some time now we have been thinking about how to expand our product lines and grow to meet the constantly expanding and competitive tire business.  After much thought we have decided to sell SDA to U.S. AutoForce, a division of U.S. Venture, headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin.  U.S. Venture is a family owned company deeply committed to its customers and employees.  U.S. AutoForce has a number of new product lines to offer our customers while keeping most, if not all, of SDA’s current product offerings.  U.S. AutoForce currently has 18 warehouses throughout the country.

The sale of SDA will take place on Monday, August 10th.  We will be closed Saturday August 8th, and we will reopen as U.S. AutoForce, Monday morning August 10th. All current order cutoffs and delivery frequencies will remain in effect.  To order, continue to call the same SDA phone numbers you have always called. To access the new website and place orders online, you can use your same username and password except you will need to put “US” in front of your existing username.   You can continue to access the site by still going to  or you can go to  to place orders, both website addresses will go to the new site.

Most of the SDA employees will also be joining U.S. AutoForce.   We look forward to visiting you in person to review all the new features U.S. AutoForce has to offer.

SDA thanks all of its loyal customers and employees and we look forward to giving you better service, more product lines, and competitive pricing in the coming years.

Thank you again for all your business,

Jorge Pola Sr,
Jorge Pola Jr
​Paul Kubic
VP Sales, U.S. AutoForce