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Social Media Content Creation for Automotive Business Pages: Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide!

U.S. AutoForce - Monday, February 27, 2017

Content creation is an ongoing challenge facing any business utilizing social media. However, as a tire retailers or automotive service center, if you’re willing to be responsive and opportunistic, Mother Nature can be a GREAT guide for content ideas for both business page posts and social media advertising campaigns.

Current statistics indicate that 70% of all Facebook users log in once daily to their newsfeed, and 46% log in four or more times daily. THUS, consumers are likely to see your posted content within a short period of time from when you posted it. We all know that WEATHER is a huge driver of consumer buying habits in the automotive industry. Make that reality your OPPORTUNITY to present timely, relevant offers that resonate with consumers on the day they see it in their newsfeed.

For example, many consumers put off tire purchases until they slide through an intersection during the first snowfall of the season. That knowledge represents a great opportunity for businesses to tailor their social media content to match consumer experience and thought processes. That first snowfall of the season can become the platform for your tire sale messages to consumers. You know consumers will buy tires during snowstorms, and through social media, you can talk to them about buying tires from YOU at the time they’re thinking about it. Posts can talk about the first snow storm of the year, and offer sale messaging for consumers who may have suddenly realized they NEED new tires! You will be offering consumers highly relevant content relative to what they are experiencing on the day they see it and when they are most apt to engage and respond.

This opportunity extends beyond just tires. Are you a service center that has a collision center? Consider posting “Hail Damage” messaging after your region experiences hail and consumers might have vehicle damage. Is your area facing the first major heat wave of the year? Consider offering a “Free Air-Conditioning Check” as a Facebook exclusive offer. As you begin to consider your own social media content efforts relative to the weather conditions your customers are experiencing, you will begin to see many GREAT opportunities to feature your products and services to audiences who will find them to be highly timely and valuable.

In addition, consumers who might respond to these weather driven offers/messages likely extend beyond your own Facebook fan base. Even if you have a limited Facebook advertising budget, the opportunity presented by content related to weather conditions might make it worth experimenting with a small advertising investment to push your relevant message out to more people within a certain geographic area surrounding your location. This is your opportunity to present a timely message to the 70% of adults who utilize Facebook and encourage them to engage your business and respond to an offer that is relevant to them on the day they’re seeing it (and all because you’re letting Mother Nature be your guide)!