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Who Should Handle Your Business’ Social Media?

U.S. AutoForce - Friday, April 21, 2017

Most business owners know that social media, when executed effectively, can be a valuable marketing tool with the capacity to reach highly targeted audiences. However, for small businesses with limited resources, determining WHO should handle social media within the business can be a challenge.

So who SHOULD handle social media in your business? Truthfully, IT DEPENDS. While in each business there is typically one individual who ultimately champions and is responsible for social media, WHO that individual is can vary widely. For organizations with an in-house marketing person, responsibility typically falls with that individual. However, in other organizations—and even some with a marketing person, it might be the business owner, a manager, an administrative assistant, or someone else that handles social media. The role varies widely within different organizations, and should be handled by whomever is most enthusiastic about the medium itself AND has the best skill set to execute it effectively.

A few things to consider as you determine who should handle social media for your business:

The individual who handles social media needs to have a few basic skills.

  • The ability to choose photos and other content that are a good reflection on the business and brand.
  • The ability to add logos and website URLS to photos. This can be done in any word processing program. Some of the very best business social media is created in programs like Microsoft Word. A graphic artist or expensive graphics software are by no means required!
  • The ability to write post content and write responses to customer inquiries. It is important to keep in mind that these responses will occasionally involve responding to negative comments and reviews, so it’s important that the person be capable of making good choices when handling potentially sticky situations. Remember, any response posted online will be seen by potentially large numbers of customers and prospects, so it’s important the person responding is able to craft something you’ll be proud of.
  • The ability to “see social” and look and listen for great social media story opportunities within the business.

The last point is extremely important, as the BEST business social media typically happens within the business’ own walls. Almost everyone walks around with a phone with a high quality camera on it. Learn to see things happening in the store that would make for interesting social media! Share pics of team members and customers, fun/classic cars that visit your shop, or share stories about your business’ charitable involvement. Great social media happens every day in a business—but you have to be LOOKING for it in order to capture it.

It is important to note that sometimes in an organization the most OBVIOUS person to handle social media is the person who should LEAST be doing it. If you have a marketing person who just isn’t interested in social media or doesn’t see its value, you should never MAKE them handle your social marketing. Sure, they’ll make sure that some posts happen, but if people aren’t enthusiastic about the medium’s value, they will never truly maximize its value. Social media shouldn’t be a “box that gets checked” as being done, or be viewed as a task to complete. Quality social media requires energy for it, and if someone isn’t interested in it, the quality of your content will suffer and the value of the medium will be diminished. Be open to someone unexpected in the organization championing social media. Maybe it’s a receptionist with a creative flair, or a service advisor who believes social media can really help drive traffic. Sometimes the BEST social media happens when it’s driven by someone you’d never envision being responsible for store marketing.

Finally, while one person typically becomes the in-house social media guru for a business, be sure to engage your whole team! Encourage team members to like your business page and share content among their friends and family. Tell employees to watch for great photo opportunities in the store, and consider giving a small reward to anyone who captures a photo that becomes the basis of a page post. Consider running a contest to see who can capture the best photo of the week. Social media is all about BEING SOCIAL, so be sure to have FUN with it among your team! By engaging the entire organization in social media efforts, the quality of content will not only be improved, but team members will be excited to be actively contributing to the business’ marketing efforts and helping to drive success!