Brand Resources


Castrol is home to some of the world’s leading motor oil brands, including Castrol EDGE, Castrol EDGE Euro Car, Castrol GTX, and Castrol GTX MAGNATEC. Castrol focuses on liquid engineering to create high-performing oils, fluids, lubricants, and greases.

Kendall has been at the forefront of the lubricants industry due to its simple message: “You Get What You Put In.” They also offer a full line of formulations for multiple industries, including: automotive, trucking, construction, agriculture, and small engines.

Motorcraft® is the recommended brand for all Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Motorcraft features a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, limited labor included, and no commercial exceptions.

Our sister company U.S. Lubricants blends THRIVE® lubricants, one of the highest quality and most comprehensive lubricant lines available. They are a leading supplier of lubricants to automotive dealerships, repair shops, quick lubes, and tire centers, as well as to commercial fleets.

For over 150 years, Valvoline has been reinventing formulas for racing, high mileage, and synthetic motor oils. They provide installers with a portfolio of premium products developed to exceed today’s industry standards and are crafted specifically for your business.

Zerex by Valvoline is a state-of-the-art antifreeze and coolant, protecting against the four main causes of cooling system failure: freezing, overheating, cracking, and breaking.