U.S. AutoForce brings more than 70 years of experience as an industry leader in the distribution of tires, undercar parts, and lubricants to independent tire retailers, auto repair shops, and automotive dealerships. We deliver best-in-class customer service, extensive inventories, and value-added marketing and technology platforms to help drive sales and grow tire and automotive parts categories. Today, we have more than 60 distribution centers strategically placed across the nation.

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Strategic Growth for over 70 Years

Our parent company, U.S. Venture, Inc., was founded by brothers Art and Ray Schmidt in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Originally called the Schmidt Brothers Oil Company, the business quickly established its footprint and grew its offerings.

Art and Ray seized the opportunity to purchase a truck load of Cooper Tires at a great price, but with no plan or place to store them. They ultimately created a tires and parts division for their company and built a warehouse to begin distribution—creating what we know today as U.S. AutoForce.

Extensive Inventory and Timely Delivery

Our distribution centers are stocked with full lineups of passenger, light truck, commercial, industrial tires, and undercar parts. We get you what you need, exactly when you need it. With online ordering, the brands and products you need are just a click away!

Market Share

U.S. AutoForce actively supports our manufacturers’ associate dealer programs.
Our established Tire One and TIRESanytime programs offer comprehensive, customizable marketing campaigns to promote your brand with leading technology.

Finding a Better Way

U.S. Venture is deeply rooted in our shared values and entrepreneurial spirit. We challenge the status quo and look for unconventional solutions to create strong, lasting relationships and innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge.

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Values that Move Us Forward

U.S. Venture is built on a culture of caring relationships and giving back. Our success is our people. Together we live for the pursuit of bold ideas, positive impacts, and achieving our full potential. Our work challenges us to find a better way to change the world.

Caring Relationships

We encourage our team members to foster fun, friendship, and compassion throughout their work
and community.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our team members are empowered to think like business owners, embrace innovation, take risks, and share bold ideas, bringing new voices and inspiration to our strategies.

Strategic Foresight

To best position our customers for success, we are constantly looking forward and assessing the market for growth opportunities.

High Performance

Success is found in the extra mile. At U.S. Venture, Inc. we own the challenges we face, dare to improve, and strive to be a positive influence in our industry and our world.


U.S. Venture is recognized as an innovative leader in the distribution of traditional and renewable energy products, lubricants, tires, parts, and using data-driven insights to manage energy and information in the global movement of goods. U.S. Venture delivers creative, sustainable solutions to give customers a competitive edge, enabling companies to support the communities in which they live, work, and play.

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